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January 27 - 28
Armed Women Experience

March 2 - 4
Barb's Wild Weekend

March 8 - 11
Piper Mackay Photography
Spirit-N-Light Workshop

March 11 - 14
Piper Mackay Photography
Spirit-N-Light Workshop

March 22 - 25
Spring Dude Ranch

March 28 - 31
Spring Dude Ranch

April 9 - 11
Sandy Collier & Barbra Schulte
V6 High Performance Clinic

April 13 - 17
Spring Cowboy Academy

April 19 - 22
V6 Ranch
Spring Cattle Drive

May 1 - 5
Wrangler Ride

May 10 - 13
Parkfield Bluegrass Festival

May 10 - 13
V6 Ranch
Spring Cattle Drive

May 25 - 27
Parkfield Rodeo

May 31 - June 3
V6 Ranch
Spring Cattle Drive

May 31 - June 3
Lester Buckley
Julie Cross Clinic

June 13 - 16
Richard Winters Horsemanship
All Women’s Horsemanship Retreat

June 16 - 22
Richard Winters Horsemanship
Ride the Rancho

July 30 - August 3
Piper Mackay Photography
Spirit-N-Light Workshop

August 8 - 12
Family Style Cowboy Academy

September 8 - 9

September 20 - 23
Bruce Sandifer
California Vaquero Workshop

October 4 - 7
V6 Ranch Fall
Cattle Drive

October 10 - 14
Fall Cowboy Academy

October 18 - 21
Las Caballeras Fall Ride

October 25 - 28
Fall Dude Ranch

November 1 - 4
Fall Dude Ranch

November 8 - 11
Horsewomen by Grace Ride

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Join the fun on an Authentic Cattle Drive on the V6 Ranch. Plan on a great adventure, from riding one of the ranch horses selected according to your riding ability, to beautiful scenery, delicious ranch style food, and plenty of cattle work.

The V6 Ranch Traditional Cattle Drives provide a chance to see a unique part of the untouched Central California landscape. We offer four cattle drives a year. Three in the spring and one in the fall. The Cattle Drives allow guests to help us drive our cattle to different locations on the ranch as a part of our rotational grazing program. In the spring the wildflowers abound and along with green grass give a feeling of newness to the landscape. It is a chance to connect with this landscape while riding a V6 Ranch raised and trained horse that is coordinated with your riding ability.
2018 Spring Cattle Drives
April 19-22
May 10-13
May 31-June 3
October 4-7


The ride officially starts with dinner on Thursday night at 7:00 p.m. at the Parkfield Cafe and ends around 5:00 p.m. on Sunday.

8 years and up

Maximum group size 25

Sponsored by:
Jack and Zee Varian

$950 per person, $400 deposit required
Fee Includes:
All food from Thursday dinner to Sunday lunch, ranch raised quarter horse, unlimited riding, campfire entertainment, experienced wrangler instruction, not to mention wonderful conversation and stunning scenery.
We camp out at our Mustang Camp way at the top of the V6 Ranch. You can either bring a tent or camp out under the stars.  There are no lights and it makes for great star gazing.  Bathrooms and showers are available.  Food is cooked by Lilly Varian Massey and her crew.  Meals will be served from Thursday dinner to Sunday lunch and are absolutely delicious!
Horse Facilities:
The horses will camp out with us at the Mustang Camp. If you are bringing your own horse there are plenty of stalls available for them.
We ask our guests to dress in layers as it is cool in the morning and again at night. Typically the days are filled with sunshine and are just the perfect temperature. We do ask for you to wear smooth soled boots with a heel for riding and a hat or helmet.
For more information call John Varian at (805) 441-3507 or email Barb Varian at: v6ranch@gmail.com


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