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September 21-25, 2022


Cowboy Academy 102 is an advanced version of Cowboy Academy for those wanting to put their skills to the test. If you have attended V6 Cowboy Academy a few times and want to do a deep dive on your cow working and roping skills, this is the event for you. Designed for proficient riders and those with solid basic roping skills. We will do two man sorting, team penning, roping from horseback and anything else we can cook up. Competition will be on Saturday and Sunday will include a jackpot two man sorting (Yes, that means you can win cash money!)


VARIAN TIME… If you don’t already know it you will find out!  Usually we eat breakfast at 8:00am and the day unfolds from there.

Ages: 8 years and up


As our guests you will experience:
Clinics on Sorting & Team Penning, Ranch & Team Roping, Cutting & Reining, Barrel Racing & Pole Bending. Also your meals from Wednesday Dinner to Sunday Lunch, Cattle Drives, Entertainment and Wonderful Conversation.

You can bring your living quarters, pitch a tent, or sleep out under the star. For those of you who'd like a bed you can rent a room at the Parkfield Lodge or the Blue Oak Bunkhouse. We have plenty of water hookups, bathrooms and showers for the campers.

For more information on the Lodge, Bunkhouse, or Glamping Tent please call (805) 463-2421.

Horse Facilities:
The V6 Ranch will be offering 45 - 10' x 15' portable pipe corrals for horses. Participants can also bring their own portable corrals, or horses can be trailer tied or high lined between trees. 

An experience designed for the COWBOY in all of us!