A Day at the Mid State Fair

I’m sitting here on the edge of my granddaughters horse trailer fender (see picture) “liar liar pants on fire” really I was sitting on the fender, but I had to take the picture. I haven’t figured out how to take a selfie yet. I’m sitting with Zera trying to think how I’m going to summarize a very satisfying day, while waiting for the Massey family to give us a ride home. The edge of this fender does not fit my bony ass as an Easy Chair might,  but it’s not going to diminish the pleasant feelings I have for this day.          I’m beginning to notice more all the time that getting older has as many new firsts as I had when I was first learning to walk. Like I rode to cattlemen’s day with my granddaughter Sage at the wheel. Now I find myself waiting for their return no longer able to just walk to my car start the engine and leave at my own free will, a first. Today being Cattleman’s day and the time is now 1pm. The Mid State Fair has a Ranch Horse Class. Sage is entered in her first class of this kind. It requires a person to perform all the usual ranch horse skills like working a cow at speed then taking it and putting into a corral then rope it. And that’s not all, now it’s time to show the horses ability to stop, backup and spin around.

Sage wins the class. What a confidence builder for a young lady that has chosen horse training as her life’s work. Another first, I’ve got my shoes turned on to Cruise Control, ready to spend hours seeing and hearing all the sites and sounds of first class country fair. But I’ve found a most satisfying replacement, people watching, done from the sitting position and then watching several free stage shows.

              By my watch it’s about 5pm and I’ve worked up an appetite from all the sitting I’ve done. But in defense of people watching it can be hard work. Putting myself in and out of all those other peoples shoes and finding that most don’t fit. It’s kind of an awakening that the shoes I’ve got on aren’t that bad after all.                  

Any way I smell barbecue steak about to be served followed up with some very good looking layer cakes and because it’s an election year we’re sure to have a few folks that are running for some or another elected office. Then the honoring of the cattleman and cattle women of the year and then the chance to visit with old friends that I haven’t seen since last year. For me it’s a day well spent.                                      See Ya                                       Jack

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