A Life Well Lived is Risky Business

I think that risk-taking is inherent in most humans. If you could pool a statistical cross-section of the United States population, you will find that those that like more risk in their lives will be found in the Republican Party, and those that want more security in their lives will gravitate to the Democratic Party. Right away I’ve stirred up a hornet's nest as I also believe that the word “caution” to many infers that one is “timid.” So what I’m trying to say is that this whole COVID-19 disease epidemic has the “risky ones” on one side without being vaccinated and no masks and on the other side we have those that have all their shots and are comfortable wearing a mask. I believe at this stage of the pandemic there’s room for both, but we don’t need mandates that only further divide our nation. We need to cure the doubt that has invaded not just our bodies, but more harmful, our minds. I think it’s time for the public to rise up and say “enough.” There must be a time for an ending before the collateral damage to our spirit and good nature is warped beyond repair. I don’t want to wait until our President and his advisers turn sickness into a permanent government self-sustaining agency that’s agenda is to be here in perpetuity and to be used for political gain.

The national press maintains their ratings by always reporting the direst of consequences by using half-truth sentences at the expense of true objective reporting. Reporters in today’s political climate, that were actually in their right mind, would report that at least 99% of the world’s population gets well and that all signs point to a virus that is growing ever weaker. Our President just yesterday talked of another major battle against the latest variant “Omicron '' that he feels will keep him from having to talk about inflation and our national debt. It also lets him ignore the thing that bothers me the most: the emotional harm this is causing our youth that are ill-equipped at their age to deal with our daily dose of front-page Pandemic news. Young people and many adults lack the ability to sort “truth from fiction.” All the while, they are trying to find a lifestyle that makes sense and a set of values to live by that history will record “I’ve enjoyed my journey.”

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