A Life’s Journey

Updated: May 19, 2019

Mothers womb warm and reliable - so long!

Nature’s womb my destination

Along the way I’m gifted with walking and talking

Sticks and stones can break my bones but words are the meanest of all.

Puberty, oh how certain and uncertain, will it ever end?

I’m in my twenties, I’m adventurous sailing to uncharted places

Land Ho! All ashore

I’m curious, I’m scared, I’m in neutral, I have a diploma. It can’t be that hard.

A sign of black against a building of white “for adults only

Curiosity opens the door, dare I walk in?

Why, it’s full of crutches, there's a convenient one, over there a shy one, a hate one, a money one, a drug one and oodles more.

I’m 40 going on 20 I'd like to say but times says I must go.

I’m 50 a satisfied mind is a new idea. What a nice possibility, what a surprise, something to contemplate.

I’m 65 I’ve still got a lot of the same old baggage. I’m sorry a satisfied mind didn’t knock on your door. I’ve got a social security check coming. Will that help?

Still hanging on the wall are adventurous, curious, brave, kind and safety crutches that have an expiration date.

It’s not too late but the sun is going down. You’ve got to show up, or not.        

Nature’s womb warm and reliable awaits                          

See Ya


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