A quick thought on the recall election

Good morning everybody,

I just opened my vote by mail ballot and it brought to my mind what am I really voting for? What came to mind was a song that I learned to sing when I was about 8 years old. I was in the third or fourth grade and World War II was in full fury and my teacher with accordion in hand taught my class this song. Give me some men who are stout hearted men and I’ll soon give you 10,000 more. Well that gave me a lead into my next logical step, which is to realize we have a once in a lifetime opportunity for our Golden State to relieve Governor Newsom of his duties and with only a little more than one year left to his tenure in office, how about joining with me and taking a gamble and throw the dice for somebody new. Somebody who cannot if elected change our state's bureaucracy and democratically controlled state government even one inch. For real change to happen “we the people” have to demonstrate over the years that we truly want a new lease on life.

But for right now, I’m hopeful that amongst all these candidates there is one that will rise up above all the others and his or her charisma will show itself and then over time good character, common sense, and some of the things but not all things that you would like to see in a governor will shine through.

Come on everybody “let’s throw the dice” and hopefully California will roll a seven or eleven, for our state truly needs a win.

See Ya


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