Updated: Jul 16, 2018

Zee and I are in Las Vegas for our annual trip to watch The National Finals Rodeo and take in some of the sights, sounds and due a little people watching on the Las Vegas Strip. But while laying in bed till midmorning, at our Treasure Island Hotel room. I flicked on the boob tube to get a dose of fake news, or better yet, try to sort out the real news from the fake. Megan Kelly is on the tube interviewing some lady that is pontificating about an alleged time when she was Groped some 20 odd years ago by “The Donald” our president, caretaker of your land and mine for the next 3 plus years. You have to be a Republican to believe that our U.S.A. that we all hold title too, Is still the best place for a person to call home and for this to happen to the Demo’s according to a gaggle (meaning a lot) of Democratic Senators say “for this to happen we must first clean out the evil doers by giving lip service to the fact that a person in our 50 states is innocent until proven guilty.” So with the flag of Political Correctness flying high over their camp it was necessary to start with one of their own kind. The first good old boy to go was Senator Al Franken and under the bus he went without a chance to defend his honor or lack there of. Now with this miscreant gone, I’m sure the rest of our lawmakers that govern us are “spotless as the new blown snow, squeak-clean, above reproach, qualifying them now as worthy, to demand hearings to impeach President Trump. Anyway, back to the interview, this Bimbo. Did I say that, that’s fake news but what is real news is the fact that she didn’t want anyone to come within 3 feet of her anymore without her permission and if by the tone of the interview. I can now extrapolate this view to mean it is also held by the general female populations. So if this is true, Houston I have a problem. What should I do with my wondering eyes, that are exposed to ever more cleavage and tight Tee Shirts with all kinds of messages written where my eyes dare not wander. This phenomenon will most likely agitate the imagination for some and could cause a perfectly descent sort to become a groper. In my day it went by the name of “to cop a feel” and a slap across the face was the punishment. But times they are a changing and a new penalty book is being written by Public Opinion as I write. So let’s get back to factual news. I’ve got my pocket Tape Measure out to determine my arms length, which I find to be 2 feet. So, if I play by this ladies 3 foot rule a distance that disallows me from interacting with other humans spontaneously. Like putting my hand out to shake another’s hand or to give a pat on the back, or a hug, and making a kiss on the cheek definitely off limits. But wait a minute I’ve got to remember that I’m in Las Vegas where “touchy feely” is a fine art. So is it necessary for Vegas to invoke the 3 foot rule? Anyway all these ladies that have come forward to expose many famous men for Groping have made some important demands on male society. I know that these demands are being heard by the “High and the Mighty” loud and clear as we have watched one member after another from their club, fall from grace. How’s this for a starter list. Judge Roy Moore running for a Alabama senate seat, Matt Lauer Today show host, Senator Al Franken, Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein and all the yet to be discovered men who might have inherited to much Testosterone that might be reason enough for all to “bite the dust.” In this very toxic environment of today “a little dab will do you in” So I think it’s about time we all take a deep breath and pause for awhile to let public opinion have a chance to bubble to the surface of reason and give us all some direction as to how we get out of this mess. ” How about being decent to one another” just a thought. So let’s move on now to the more important mundane, boring job of running a government or a business or how about doing a better job of running “our own lives.” But if “We The People” insist that there be more blood on the floor of the Boxing Ring of “he said she said” at some point rational people have to say enough of this Witch Hunt. Can it be enough when the last dirty rotten lout has been caught and properly castrated with a dull knife. I hope so. Wow!!! If this cleansing is not enough then we have moved into a new realm called the Nonsense Revolution whose rallying cry shall be “Give me, No-sense before Common Sense.” See ya Jack P.S. Just a reminder “what you think about me is none of my business.”

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