Has my extended warranty expired for a “do over”?

I hope not. For I’ve just left the admissions office at Cuesta College. Where I register for the fall semester taking a course in Political Science which should be interesting especially with all the mean spirited politicians in Congress now a days. Anyway it went quite smoothly and I’m hoping that in this learning environment it might stimulate a few of my brain cells to get off the couch.           I found one thing to be quite comforting at the registration desk, it was a keyboard that has the letters of the alphabet, configured the same as my typewriter that I practiced on in the 9th grade. It did the job and got me registered. Leads me to believe it’s one of the few things that seems impervious to change. In 1953 when I first registered to enter Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, I filled out my admission forms with pencil and eraser and my signature was signed with ink and today ink was still required and my scrolling finger on a piece of glass was not acceptable. Another victory for the good old days. What comes next? Let’s see, I think I’ll stop for a moment and remember how important it was back then “to be in style” and how today “what you think about me is none of my business” is my motto.                    It has been a 60 year hiatus since I last sat in a classroom chair while my professor tells of an agenda for what I am expected to learn. This challenge leaves me very excited at the prospect of leaving irrelevance behind. So what’s the cost of this adventure for me? Well, I’m having a bit of apprehension . I’m wondering if my hearing aids will allow me to hear and if my eyes will still see while waiting for cataract surgery. And about a flabby Sphincter muscle that I’ve lost complete control over. Will it pick this class hour to let go with a blast that can rattle windows and produce enough methane gas, making lighting a match a dangerous event? Or will it be polite and wait tell class is over?               But in spite of all these  hazards that lie ahead, I’ll see you in room N3229 don’t be late. You’ll finding me sitting in the front row ready for a “ do over”.                                          See Ya                                            Jack

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