Does your stewardship make the land smile?

If not, why not! And how does one know if the land is smiling?

It obviously can’t smile if the land is covered with paved roads, cities that stretch for mega miles in every direction that house, feed, provide work and play for millions and I was just alluding to the United States. The rest of the world has cities many times bigger than New York City or Los Angeles where there is little to smile about. We’re just now starting to recognize, that trying to provide housing and all the rest of the accouterments to make a house a home for 7.8 billion people I think will stretch our natural resources to the breaking point. Now we will add to our assault on our planet Earth with untold billions of the handy little plastic water bottles that hold about 16 ounces of water usually left half empty then tossed any place that is convenient no matter how beautiful. Have you ever looked at all the paper and plastic that is left on the table of a fast food restaurant after just two people have finished their hamburgers and a drink? It will not be sustainable over the long haul and our obsession with convenience making the cereal in a box of Wheaties cost less than the box that it comes in also not sustainable. Thn land is not smiling it’s gasping.

I’m not certain what to do about it all. I know nobody has all the answers but we have to start someplace. I think the place to start is by addressing the fact that all our “stuff” needs lots of electricity to manufacture it. And what is the best way to make lots of clean, reliable electricity, we must use Atomic Energy, for it is the most reliable, cheapest, and safest way to change water into steam to turn a Turbine that will make infinite amounts of electricity. I’ve said it and instantly I hear the hue and cry of a portion, or maybe a majority of our human population yelling “It’s going to blow up! We’re all going to be killed by radiation!” I don’t know about that but I do know that we have to quit using fossil fuels and realize that Nuclear power plants can and must be built with our new technology that renders them completely safe. The next question that will be shouted out: “what will we do with the spent fuel rods?” Well, “matter can neither be created or destroyed, only changed” and change we must. So let’s embrace “doing things differently” or we on this planet we call Earth will not survive. Let's not be like the Lemming a small rodent that lives in the Arctic Tundra and it’s said that when they overpopulate themselves, then in mass numbers they dive into the Arctic Ocean and swim frantically to who knows where until they tire and drown. We don’t have to be like the Lemming. How about not listening to all the fear mongers quite so much and try embracing change by putting more faith in our brains to dream dreams that have never been dreamed that can unlock solutions to our dilemma. The balls in our court. It’s up to us to turn these dreams into reality so our planet might have a chance to smile again. The “status quo” is a plan that has disaster written all over it. We have better options so let’s use them.

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