Trump puts a smile on everybody’s face.

It’s 10/2/2020 and I have just learned that President Trump and his wife Melanie Trump, yesterday, both contracted COVID 19. I’m sitting in my pickup outside the Smart and Final grocery store and listening to a Fresno talk show while Zee does a little shopping. The talk show host has just announced that President Trump will be taken to Walter Reed Hospital so that he can be monitored more closely. It’s anybody’s guess when he would be leaving.

I’m going to take the liberty of making believe for a short while that I am now President Trump. I’ll be staying in the hospital for a few days while the whole world watches for my departure, I want it to be a memorable one. Knowing that I only have a short time before my departure to Walter Reed, I called one of my closest aids to my office. I said “we’ve got to keep this a secret but I want you to buy for me a fishing rod and creel, a floppy hat with lots of fishing flies on it for decoration and a pair of bib type waders and a 12X12 sign that says GONE FISHING. I’m going to wear this outfit and flash my sign as I board my helicopter. Okay Big Ego let me alone for a moment so I can look outlandish the country needs a laugh.

I hope all you out there in Blog land will join me for a good laugh because this “ain’t it awful” attitude that pervades our U.S.A. right now, is not healthy. Seems like everybody has a sign nowadays so I’ve got one also, you can see it hanging outside my hospital window, “COVID-19 going down the toilet hook line and sinker”.

See you all at the polls 11/3/2020 for “4 more years”.

See Ya


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