Glamping - a new word in my vocabulary


I don’t know who coined this aberration between glamorous and camping but it's something that has arrived at the V6. I hope all you purists of the camping world who relish having the good earth only a short smell away from your nostrils and hard dirt is your mattress the way your distant ancestors slept eons ago. But it seems that most of we campers in today’s world demand, at the very least, an air mattress with the option of an up grade all the way to Glamping Tent status at some guest ranches.          So what is Glamping any way? Well if your summer vacation takes you to a certain ranch in Montana. Here you can enjoy Glamping at it’s most glamorous. An adventure into the ultimate of creature comforts, where you will find your tent replete with indoor plumbing, beds and 400 thread sheets, crystal chandeliers, heating and air conditioning, a car for your use to tootle around the 30,000 acre ranch and all meals are chef prepared. WOW! I guess the bottom of the barrel then would be a platform tent with a bed and an outhouse.             Hopefully we here at the V6 have found a niche that doesn’t leave your bones aching when getting out of your sleeping bag in the morning, but rather “I sure had a good nights sleep and my pocketbook is not totally deflated.”             So why don’t you come join us at the V6 ranch. Were 5 miles north of Parkfield population “18” in the Cholame Valley, which lies at the southern end of Monterey County and is surrounded by mountains of the Diablo Range. It’s where Old California still lives and good company, good horses and tasty food are waiting. So why not let your adventurous side, lead you to this uncommon place. It’s where Mother Nature has taken great care to create a Glamping experience that will please all your senses                                            See Ya                                             Jack

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