God, Science & Water

         What the hell has water got to do with God and Science anyway? Well I’m not real positive myself but it struck me that it can be a way for me to explain how God and Science can complement each other, leaving me with a satisfied mind. My way forward map says to be forgiving of oneself when attacking our shortcomings or at least try for a truce with the more thorny issues that can beset us. And it’s okay to sit down, ponder and ask the question is this trip necessary? Well, yes it is, for you don’t get the satisfied mind without the journey.               So here’s how I want to use each to my best advantage. Let’s start with science it’s the easy one because we’re dealing with reality. I’m not talking about Quantum Mechanics that the guys who thought it up aren’t really sure how it works. I’m talking about your everyday gravity, centrifugal force, the stuff that either works for us or against us. I believe that we can’t have too much scientific knowledge for the more we know the more science can work for each of us. These Laws of Physics are pretty well excepted by most reasonable people and if there’s anybody still out there who is a nonbeliever try stepping off a height of 10’ or more and then tell me, gravity doesn’t work!           Now we come to the more subjective, it’s God's side. The side of right and wrong, giving and taking, smiling or frowning having faith in all the things that you can’t touch but you can feel. I was raised in a family that leaned heavily on the side of science for answers so I never had to spend a day in Sunday School.        Then like it or not along comes the “growing up time, the time for maturity.”  For me it showed itself to the outside world as this self confident guy who’s life came easy. Inside was an ego that drove me to take on more than was mentally or physically healthy and I needed some help. That’s when from a corner of my brain I heard a little voice saying “don’t look to science because what you need is a doctor who can heal you're spirit and his name is God.”        My first encounter with medicine for the soul was a book that I can’t remember how I happened upon it. Probably was God trying to give me a good introductory read that would peek my interest into the wonders of his world.  The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peal was the door opener to my inner self. It’s where my science felt somewhat out of place but my spirit was all jazzed up.            I love ah-ha moments for they show me the possibility of ways that a person can make his or her life more satisfying. For me the ah-ha moment was the realization that God and science both have a job to do in my life. It didn’t have to be “one way or the other”.           So where does water fit into the mix. H2O - 2 parts Hydrogen; a gas and a necessary component if you want to make a Hydrogen bomb. Oxygen; another gas that if we go without it for more than 3 minutes you’ll be at deaths door but if we marry the two you get water the only substance that can move back and forth through the 3 states that matter can exist in (gas, liquid and solid). This is quite a marriage between 2 very different gases. Much the same as a union between God and Science. It works for me.                                    See Ya                                   Jack

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