Growing Old Gracefully

        Now that’s a nice thought. For me it has an innocence that says “could it really be.” So I think I’ll take a trip where reality lives and see what’s really going on. There I find myself getting out of bed and taking inventory of all my body parts and find that I’m still solidly in the house of the living but with a body that shows some obvious signs of wear and tear. The day of this note. I was listening to one of my aching joint complaining about our hike yesterday. What did you want to do kill me off? I need to stay in bed a little longer this morning. That’s when I had to explain to said joint that hiding under the covers is the work of the devil and needs to be squelched immediately, least this idea might catch fire and turn into a ground swell of chanting. “Let’s stay in bed for the day, let’s stay in bed for the day” Quick Jack, start sing a few bars of "Oh what a beautiful morning, Oh what a beautiful day, I’ve got a beautiful feeling that everything is going my way". I think it’s working. My joints are feeling better as my attitude feels better. Keep on singing "the corn is as high as an elephants eye and it looks like it’s climbing clear up to the sky". My aches and pains are beginning to feel a little nervous what with all the singing and talk about another hike that can walk me out of my aches and pains. I can feel it I’ve got them on the run as pain gives way to a comfortable body. But I know I’ve got to keep on singing and hiking or they can and will come running back wanting their bed back.                     Boy O Boy, that was a close one. What with more days behind me than in front, a feller doesn’t want to waste anymore bedtime than is absolutely necessary. Now that I’ve saved the day. How shall I spend is the question? How about a few photographs to explain all the rewards I got by escaping the captivating appeal of a bed. So here are some photographic high points

                               See Ya                                 Jack

Where it all began

Moving cattle to the high part of the V6

These boots were made for walking

These boots were made for walking & Old cars at Parkfield Cafe

New planting of Pistachios I will be 92 when it will help pay some bills

Mother Nature's heart and making a little shade for my dogs on a hot day

Me and my date on the Mississippi as Far East as a person needs to go

I finally made it “top of the heap, king of the dump”

Wow don't follow me! & Cowboy hall of fame Colorado

Reducing fire hazard, I wish California would do the same

I was never that young was I!

Branding time, my favorite thing to do with my horse Fizz

Rhett was all around Cowboy and his brother and cousin Sammy and Kathryn with their booty

That's it folks for me, it’s how I grow old gracefully!

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