Guess who is my favorite mentor?

        For some reason or another there seems to be lots of discussions out in social media land, on our TV’s and talk shows about mentoring and how valuable it can be especially for our youth. The right person at the right time can turn a young persons life around.          It’s almost 7p.m. this September evening and because of some work that needed attention this morning, I decided to take my hike after sundown. Parkfield has the nicest evenings but I will admit that the days can be pretty hot. I guess that’s the price you pay for these splendid hours just before dark.                 I love Ah Ha moments because when they arrive in my consciousness they're almost always positive and helpful. For some unknown reason one happened as I was strolling along on one of the ranch trails. I happened to glance down and there was my old pal Bob, looking up at me with a quiet smile on his face. The idea came to me that mentors were not just for the young but old guys can also learn from the right person. In my case the right person was standing next to me with that ever understanding look I will be your mentor.                   Bob the Lion Heart, this keg of dynamite, all dressed up in his Boarder Collie clothes. No cow was to ornery for this warrior clothed in black and white. If one would try to quit the heard and make a dash for the nearest brush cover, Bob all 40 pounds of him would jump and grab her by the nose and the blood would fly as Bob hung on, tight as tick, to this 1200 lbs. bovine as she shook him like a rag doll but to no avail. And with an I surrender written on her face headed for the heard and safety.                   Bob was born on the ranch on 2/29/04 he was a leap year baby. I don’t quite remember how many pups there were in the litter but he showed himself early on to be a fun loving scraper. With maturity he turned out to be quite the ladies man, who caused me some anxious times for he was famous for his willingness to travel far and wide in hopes of “getting lucky “ Endurance was his middle name he would never quit as long as I found him a water trough or stock pond to cool off in for a few minutes.                 Bob is now 14 years old and if you use 7 dog years for 1 of ours it makes him 98 soon to be 100. Yet every morning he greets me with a smile and leaves me feeling that come what may, “everything is going to be okay.” For me I can’t think of a better mentor on how to live a life and when the end comes, I’m sure Bob will say “nobody had more fun than I did”                              See Ya                               Jack

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