I'm right in style!

What brought me to realize that I’m a real fashion plate this October, 2018. That I am dressed to the 9’s. My awakening to the fact, happened this evening. After taking of my work shoes I could find but one of my slippers that I haven’t worn since last winter. Autumn has arrived!

"Zee", I said “I have but one slipper and I’ve looked real hard for the other, it’s not here.” My wife has an eagle eye for missing clothing of mine and spotted the missing slipper right off. This led to 20 questions as to why I no longer wore the many pairs of work shoes, tennis shoes, Nike hiking shoes and others that have “broken soles” and besides as I gaze at my feet spread out before me, they look like IHOP Pancakes.

Little did I know, until my granddaughter Sammy said “I have a small fortune in worn out pants and shirts, shoes and coats”. So I added 2 + 2 and if they're valuable. Just think, I have some worn out underwear that I could autograph. I wonder how much they would be worth? Yes sir, if I was a little younger I would open my own clothing store right next to The Paso Robles Goodwill store. I’ve also learned that dirt is in and clean is out. I’ve got to tell Zee to turn off the washing machine as my now stylish duds are worth more if they are dirty. I was also told by my granddaughter that one enterprising person put on eBay several pairs of pants with numerous holes and dirty to boot. They sold for $400 per grunge pair and were all gone in minutes.

So, the next time you see me dressed in holy pants and shabby shirt don’t pity me, thinking that the cattle business did me in, but rather. I’m now walking on the sunny side of the street with a spring to my step, knowing. “I’m in style.”

See Ya


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