Is Love here to stay?

What is the absolute longest living concept that we humans have practiced since our beginning of our time here? It began as it did for all the other critters that came before us. I guess you could say all the way back to the “Big Bang Theory,” when the first cell divided into two using a smile to gain entry. But this cell had to have the concept of Love first. Then second came the smile that started a whole lot of cell division, that started a whole lot of life. Simply put, logic tells me that we had to have Love first in order to bring out the smile that in the blink of an eye would scatter life to every corner of our planet.

Jack, what has this got to do with anything anyway? Well it seems that today there’s an awful lot of folks in a “funk” about almost anything and everything so I thought to myself, there must be something that has always been and always will be that can’t be corrupted and that word is “Love.” It's knowing that the times will get better, because “hate,” the third word in our vocabulary which is the polar opposite and has certainly been around a long time also. Hate has an Achilles Heel that requires more energy to maintain its friction filled hateful days than Love. And on account of Love is such a wonderful place to spend a lifetime and because it’s also easier and more fun, it equates to less wear and tear to our everyday living. Now hate because of its ability to use acrimonious (angry and bitter words) that create a whole lot of friction which will wear out much faster than wrinkled love thus it will be Love waving goodbye to hate.

I’m not real sure how long this war of good over evil is going to last but every day I get out of bed I know I’m going to bet on Love.

See Ya,


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