I knew it, I knew it, I knew that she could do it! Mother Nature couldn’t hold her water any longer and she had to cut lose last night with 1.5 inches of mana from the heavens and the weather prognosticators say there’s more on the way. I’m a happy camper right now, but don’t worry, I will be back to my whining ways if 8 or 10 days goes by without a follow up deluge.

Because I live and die by how much rain falls each year, it follows that a person becomes a real cynic when the weathermen start forecasting how much water Mother Nature will dole out for the upcoming season.

I have before me a copy of the National Cattleman’s monthly publication and a copy of the Farm Bureau’s weekly poop sheet called AG Alert both have Weather Guesser’s on the payroll. In the Cattleman’s corner sits Don Day Jr. Meteorologist and in the AG Alert corner sits AccuWeather, Inc.

Barometer in hand, my dilemma as shown by the two weather maps is that I live in the central part of my state of California. According to AG Alert I live just a little to far south to get any rain out of the storm that just blessed me with 1.5 inches of the wet stuff. This means that Don Day, the hired gun for The Cattlemen wins this round, as he forecasted that the north half of the state would be wetter than normal.

I believe that Don intended for Parkfield to be considered in the north half of the state. Nobody says forecasting the weather is an easy task but I think just once, at least one weatherman in the whole country would say,

“I’m sorry, so sorry for my recent blunder.”

Witness the recent shutting down of New York City for a day. Because three feet of snow was on the move, the ready, the right now, to start falling on New York’s citizenry, only to find on awaking the next morning a little skiff snow that would barely make a Snowball.

But there is a comforting side of, WHAT WILL THE WEATHER BE LIKE TOMORROW OR NEXT WEEK OR NEXT MONTH? Just think, if the weather people new that much, I’m sure our politicians would be right in there to appropriate some bucks so that they could then start legislating when it was going to rain or snow so that in a 100 years our deserts would be Jungles and our northern forests would be populated with cactus.

And yea know what I think? They’re not going to apologize either.

I go now, knowing at least for the foreseeable future, that weather people (least I get labeled a sexist), and politicians won’t be apologizing for their mistakes, and I can go on sniveling about how these people don’t know as much as the Farmer’s Almanac.

See Ya,


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