The last time it snowed down to our house at 1800 ft elevation was 5 years ago before the big California drought.

Zee and I were about ready to take our daily hike. This was before the snow storm and the sun was shinning through the clouds. We both had good heavy coats on and we were full of resolve to hike for our health and to renew our vow: “when the going gets tough the tough get going.”  There’s a few drops of rain starting to fall and our dogs that had boredom written all over their faces became instantly excited at the prospect of a hike.

“So let’s go, gang!” We had ventured about 20 paces from the garage when we looked at each other as a couple of rain drops pelted us and the talk I gave to myself about when the going gets tough the tough get going was forgotten in a heart beat as we headed back to the house faster than a ground squirrel running for its hole from a diving Red Tail Hawk.  For me, I didn’t feel one ounce of remorse for cutting and running as I settled back in my recliner.

Last September, turning 80 was a little hard to take at first, but it does have a silver lining.  Guilt about taking a day off from the ranch no longer irritates my work ethic and the prospect of somebody someday replacing me at the helm… well that even seems acceptable.  But just not now, as next week I have a Compost Tea Brewer being delivered that I can use to make a caldron full of soil microbes suspended in water to fertilize the soil organically. This will make the use of commercial fertilizer irrelevant and keep me relevant. See Ya, Jack

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