I'm Looking for Preposterous

 Oh there you are hiding inside the farts and burps of cows as they chew their cuds. So who cares. Well I’m going to tell you who cares. I was reading one of my weekly magazines. One is to the left of center and the other is to the right of center. Well wouldn’t you know it I found this article in the left of center magazine. The author stated that The International Panel on Climate Change said people should eat way less meat because cattle are a big producer of Methane gas (CH4) which is a contributor to global warming. I think the reasoning that follows is if each one of us will not eat so much beef then there will be little need except for a few dairy cows to produce some milk. This will lead to the collapse of the beef cattle industry thus no more Methane gas (CH4) to fuel global warming.            I’m rereading what I have just written and I’m left with but one word to describe what these nit wits that call themselves scientists and that is preposterousWait a minute Jack not so fast. What if a fart and a burp are found to be the culprits that are causing global change? Then logic says we need to also kill off all the other domesticated ruminates that give off Methane gas like sheep, so no more sheep skin to show that you graduated from a place of higher learning. No more goats, then we will have no more scapegoats. Heaven forbid we would have to look else where for places to hide our ineptitude. In order for this Crack Pot idea to work means we can’t give all the ruminant animals living in the wild a pass for they are burping and farting as well. This means the deer, antelope, moose, elk, caribou for starters in our U.S.A. In Africa we have to do away with giraffes, wildebeest, impala, and all the rest of the ruminate (4 stomach) grazing animals out there who are guilty of passing gas. So if you still want to cast your lot with The International Panel on Climate Changes method to clean up our planet we have a whole lot of killing to do. Again I’m reading what I just wrote and I find it to be even more than preposterous it’s imbecilic.                    Before the white man came to Middle America there were 80,000,000 gas passing Buffalo and our planet Earth was chugging along quite nicely because grazing animals are a necessary part of the whole circle of life. There have always been 3 classes of animals that are necessary to sustain a healthy vibrant planet. This was true in Jurassic times and it’s still true today. You must have the grazers to keep the grasslands healthy and fertile. We’ve got to have predators to hold the grazers population in check and the scavengers to keep the planet neat and tidy. “Houston we have a problem” common sense tells me that what we really have is a people problem not ruminate grazing animals that we call herbivores problem.            To extrapolate my thoughts further. We need to look at all things that are man made as the real culprits causing our weather change. Which ones are the worst. I think the need to have everything we do with our stuff. It must be convenient. Greed is the other great contributor to global warming for it always wants more with little regard that our planet might be showing some serious signs of Bankruptcy fever.              I want to start by having a ledger with two columns. One will be agricultural related and one will be city living related.               Farming methods that leave the land bare with no cover to protect the top soil from sun wind and rain (real bad).              Looking only to the synthetic ways to farm by using all the herbicide, pesticides and commercial fertilizers to raise a crop with no thought given to the idea that there might be other methods out there that are more sustainable and soil friendly and will still pay the bills.               Now on the city side of the ledger we have today, scattered about our wonderful country mostly people with no knowledge of how (the buck stops here) person by the name of Mother Nature how she cares for the place where we live. She doesn’t care one iota about we humans. Truth be known I think she’s finds us rather annoying the way we have misused her beautiful planet. We have a way of always paving over everything so we won’t get our feet muddy. Then we had the misfortune of embracing some public relations people who we asked to invent a cuddly animal by the name of Smokey the Bear who replaced people who new how to manage our forests with his cry of “Only you can prevent forest fires” which in time proved to be a disaster. We had to burn up millions of acres of range and timber land and the town of Paradise, California to prove that cuddly emotions are a very poor way to manage our wild lands and forest. Okay Jack enough said. So instead of constantly pointing fingers at others about their mess, maybe we should look at our own bad habits first and then make some course corrections towards a more Mother Nature friendly way of living. Wait a minute, I think I just heard reality say this is preposterous? I surely hope not.                                      See Ya                                        Jack   Can we have a liveable environment and all the ice cream we can eat! Probably not.

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