Loving life through work

I wish there was another word for work because it’s so weighted down with the idea that there is only toil and drudgery associated with it that causes many to say “is that all there is”? What a terrible attitude to have to overcome. I’m sure trying to change the word work to smile would be like asking a liberal to be a conservative or a conservative to be a liberal. I’m being facetious for that name change will most surely be “dead on arrival”. So it’s time to give work it’s rightful definition “where learning dwells”. For what good is knowledge if there is no work to put this knowledge into action. I believe that work gets so closely intertwined with fear. Fear of not having the ability to pay our way, fear of condemnation by your community while searching for a "satisfied mind" and to all the rest of us that hold fears in our hearts that cause “we the people” to work at jobs that don’t suit us, that make us feel abused or underused, jobs that are monotonous and repetitive. So self doubt and trepidation win and we settle for less than “we want to be”. We settle for security that promises a person “peace of mind” but it’s a false promise and “all that we can be” as an army enlistment jingle says slips away. None of these things have to happen if you will keep fear from dissuading you, so what will? It starts with one small step letting courage lead you to enter a new world of RISK where work wears a smile. Now that you have dared to do what might have been unimaginable a moment ago a multitude of choices appear all wearing a smile. Transformed is how we feel and now understand that love and work are inseparable.

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