I’ve got magic on me

    "I’m just an old lump of coal but I’m going to be a diamond someday", a line from an old western song but thank god that’s not going to be my fate. There’s no magic ending up as a piece of carbon in a diamond ring on somebody's finger. Can you imagine how many places a ring on somebody finger, especially the index finger, finds itself. It counts pocket change, is the pointer when throwing a baseball or rock, it picks your nose and of the 5 digits on your hand it’s the most important when comes to cleaning all the crooks and crannies on your body. And if you're like me and like to write but your typing skills are of the hunt and peck variety it calls on your 2 index fingers to get the job done.               Actually I feel sorry for the carbon atom that it has to spend 'til the end of time as a sparkling bauble inside a diamond ring. That is a dead end street for me. So let me be one of those carbon chain atoms that make up all life. That gets to have a life, then to die and then reborn again as something totally different. And as long as carbon doesn’t get captured and sold into diamond ring slavery, my carbon atom can live an infinite number of very different lives for an infinite amount of time.              So how do I bridge the gap between my tangible body and my immortal soul? With carbon, that’s what! Carbon bridges the chasm between the living and our after life. Because you have to be living in order to have a brain that can conceive the idea of immortality.               I know carbon is served up equally to all of we humans. So how do we find this magic of life? It’s found in a magic bag that each of us have. It’s stored in our personalities full of choices. Pick out the giving, the curious, the brave, the courteous and kind and in the blink of an eye *shazam* happiness appears. Choose words like can’t, victim, selfish and they’ll be only fleeting moments of joy. But the magic bag still dwells within us, leaving the disenfranchised a chance for a “do over”.

That’s the wonder of Magic.                          See Ya                           Jack

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