The meaning of meaningful

I’m ready to leave now and where might you be going? Well on my Sunday morning hike with a blue sky above me into my mind came a question where do you find meaningful? So I pondered this thought for a while and then said to myself “I think that’s a good and proper question”. So I guess that’s what this trip is going to be all about. I’m big on using my Webster’s Dictionary to get me started in approximately the right direction and there on page 839 right next to meaning it says “meaningful is full of meaning”. I like short answers to big ideas but this one doesn’t give me any direction as to where to wander but it does also say “having significance or purpose”. This is not a lot to go on. To me it’s just asking more questions about what I don’t know so I guess I could stick to meaningful or purposefully that sounds commanding but the one that really gets my motor running is "significantly", that word makes me feel like when my hike is over I will feel significant. So if this is my new star to follow then I’d better look it up in my dictionary to make sure that when my hike is over I will know more than when I started. There it is in the very first descriptive sentence it says “full of meaning” I hope this has been meaningful?

See Ya


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