Have you ever talked to a molecule of air?

They certainly are an independent lot. Zee and I have just returned from seeing a somewhat risqué movie who's title was “This is 40”, the message was that a dysfunctional family can grow to appreciate each other, which was heartening but this is not what this blog is about. It’s really about our trip to see this movie and my side and her side of our new-used car. (We bought used because the hit to my pocket book was just too great a price to pay for that new car smell. I figured it didn't last long enough for the cost and I would feel really ripped off if I got a cold just after purchasing the car and when my smeller was healed the $10,000 smell would be gone).            Buying a used car was a decision that Zee and I readily agreed upon but little did we know that this minivan being used came equipped with a driver's side and passenger side heat and cold regulator switch which could invite a debate.          Zee’s body temp was running on the low side and mine was leaning toward the high side. Now this is where the manufacturer of our car, Chrysler Corp, first needed to consult their public relations department while our car was still on the drawing board and before it went into mass production. For they would surely have known that you must first consult the air molecules in a car to see if they would cooperate and stay on the his or her side of the cabin; cold ones on my side warm ones on Zee’s side.  I think that Zee and I are representative of a bigger problem when they put two temperature controls close together. This was a situation that could lead to the ignition of a 4 letter response when one person tried to regulate the other persons sacred temperature control valve without permission. This could even escalate to a problem as serious as leaving the toilet seat up. So think seriously about how harmoniously you want your relationship to be the next time you go to buy a car and the salesman wants to know, if you would like to buy the individual heater control option.                  See Ya                  Jack

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