Today can be my “Freedom Day”, it’s my choice

Happy 4th of July, the day we honor our countries inception, we honor our right to choose and recognize there’s still nothing new under the Sun.

       So what seems scary today like all this social upheaval, a pandemic, anger because somebody expressed a view different than mine, political correctness and on and on and on is nothing new.

      So what seems to me that is missing in our daily lives today is a need to rediscover the fact that "we the people" have only two types of personalities when it comes to problem solving. You can blame your problems on someone else because he or she didn’t play fair, or the weather was against me, or some law was unjust, or the thousand other situation that treated me unfairly leading me to conclude “It wasn’t my fault, it was out of my control, my destiny isn’t mine”.

Now for me that’s a darn right scary place to be, because your always stuck waiting for somebody or something else to fix your problem for you and when it doesn’t happen, which is most of the time, you're angry, disappointed, mad, sad or any other word that you get to feel because “it wasn’t my fault!” 

                  Or you can be the person that says "this is my problem I get to solve it and if I feel the need  for someone or something to help me along the way, it’s my choice". The frosting on the cake appears when you quit taking yourself so seriously and you put on your "sense of humor cloak", add in laughing, a very good medicine and singing remembering “I’ve got this problem it’s mine to solve thank God” 


See Ya


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