It’s mandatory that our 18 year olds survive

       The Democratic nations of the world have to take the lead with this obligation. All the dictatorship and other authoritarian governments that do not give to their citizens a means to participate in  the exploration of possible solutions can not participate.        That said, where do we look to find a work force that need to have more skin in the game? As far as I’m concerned in my America there’s only one part of our society that fits the description. The Millennials fit the bill and after the shock of having to report for a 2 year tour of duty, hopefully they will agree that this tour of duty will be good for them and good for the country. The extent of their duties will exclude service in the armed services but they can be called upon to meet any civil emergency and some will work in the cities and some in the county. This work force would be drafted into service for the greater good after their 18th birthday or upon graduation from high school.          The life expectancy of  people in the western world promises to grow ever longer. I interpret this to mean a 2 year stint helping to make our country a better place to live in “a worthy use of time ” Hopefully most will view this time in their lives as an adventure and not a waste. For those who still choose to see this as a waste of time will probably see little value in other adventures in their lives. “SAD”          College in our country has become almost mandatory after graduation from high school. Because, to not go, many in our land tend to view these freshly minted high school graduates as failures and many that do go on to college are wasting everybody’s time including their own.           This mandatory 2 year tour of duty that has the force of law for those that think this is not for he or she and go Absent Without Leave (A.W.O.L.) will spend the rest of their time forcibly detained. The kinds of job to be performed must be meaningful and our country must be better off because this Millennial work force rose to the occasion.            So what does the Millennial get out of his or her service? Let me name a few.        Being dependable, giving a full measure to the job each day, learning a skill/ discipline. I’m here so I’m going to make the best of my time serving my county. Being courteous and kind will serve you well for your whole life. As for pay it will be enough to enjoy a few small luxuries and when you finish your tour, our government will pay your tuition to a college or university or trade school of your choice.                One of the more important aspects of this 2 year journey as I see it; it’s helping to heal the land where it needs healing and if pleasant memories lead you, years later, to visit that place where you made a difference, stopping bank erosion on a creek that is now grass covered with several willow trees helping to do the job. Then to recall that day with the satisfaction and the camaraderie of being part of a team that knew something good happened. What a day.                   Your tour is over now and your a different person, ready to meet the day with purpose and determination when saying “ I can do that”                               See Ya                                Jack         P.S. Is this reality? probably not but it should be!

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