Sometimes the right thing is hard to do

Doing the right thing is killing me softly with demands that I would love to fulfill but can’t. What am I saying? That age has brought the word “can’t” into my vocabulary. Well it may be there, but that doesn’t mean I have to use it.             Who’s that knocking at the door?  “It’s not locked, come on in. Why it’s you, Mother Nature." Yes I’ve come to remind you of my list of jobs that you promised to do. "Yes Mother, I have them on my calendar.  Oh how I wonder sometimes, if my good intentions have caused me to bite off more than I can chew.”  That’s nonsense, remember you’ve got that very intriguing idea that promises a landscape of perpetual renewal and harmony and will make our little corner of the world a better place to live.                    Oh God, I hope so, for a brawl is happening in my mind. Pie in the Sky and Reality are slugging it out. Both are wanting my ear at the same time. Each sure that what they have to say has more virtue and wisdom than the other guy. Both vowing that their way is the only way to find that place where good sense dwells. I listen as a judge might. But I am swayed hoping to find concrete evidence that reality will be my unquestioned advocate. For it will surly make for a more tranquil but mundane life. Just think I’ll be surrounded with like minded souls, most that have lived with me for decades and some since my birth.                 What’s going on out there? Then from out there, I see my “Pie in the Sky guy”. He’s diving straight for me, with anger written on his face, teeth clenched he lands and muscles his way into my mind then jolts everyone of my synapses and says “ How can you be such a Weak Heart, such a Jerk Off, such a Coward? Remember our understanding, that you would change what needed changing, for the betterment of all things big and small on the ranch. Like the soil, the wildlife, the livestock and the green growing stuff. Then upon seeing your good work, we would all cry out in unison you're the man, you're the man and from the environmentalists of the world, they would lift me to their shoulders chanting he’s our man, he’s our man, what happened Jack? Where did the dream go?"                  I’m sorry Pie in the Sky but Reality grabbed my caviler attitude and made me say “uncle.” But believe me, not all is lost. Remember the old saying “nobody gets the whole loaf ”. So go ahead now and ask the question. Is there anything left of the dream? Most emphatically yes!  But first I have some bills to pay.                                  See ya                                   Jack

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