The Age of the Anthropocene

      Living in the Human Age. My iPad says I spelled Anthropocene incorrectly. It doesn’t seem possible that a word  I just read about is ahead of whoever, is out there in cyber space and keeps up with new words and how to spell them. So I asked Siri how to spell anthropocene and she came right back and said "you're correct and here’s the definition: Relating to or denoting the current geological age, viewed as the period during which human activity has been the dominant influence on climate and the environment."         Well now, that’s about the scariest situation that we humans have ever been faced with. Can you imagine that these spoiled children back there in their Washington D.C. digs, that spend all their time playing “Gotcha” funded with our tax dollars. The definition says that human activity is the dominant influence on climate and the environment, which means we can no longer  look to the steady hand of Mother Nature to run the show. If even a little bit of this is true, that we’ve got to trust these Nit Wits all over the world that run governments to take even just one rein away from Mother Nature to run our planet Earth were in deep poo.          The term Anthropocene got its start about 20 years ago. Scientists knew that something was happening to our nice earthy home. They said it’s a new era of geologic history where we humans have become the dominant species and the impacts of our expanding activities can be observed in the geology of the planet. I think the word geology needs its meaning clearly defined. So here’s what Siri has to say. The science that deals with the earth's physical structure and substance, it’s history, and the processes that act on it.             Since about 1950 there has been what is called the “Great Acceleration” we have tripled the worlds human population, which says we need 3 times as much of everything that “we the people” use today than we needed in 1950.             So it’s time for the environmentalist to trot out their favorite; “the famous Methane belching cow.” This grass eating wonder that has the ability to change grass that we humans can’t use into meat we can use and all the while improving the environment when used as intended, now comes the dog and pony show that will explain why meat is so bad for us, never mind that we have evolved eating meat since we climbed down from a tree in the jungle and stood upright and By Golly’s found it to be a better way to get around a few hundred thousand years ago. It seems as though we homo sapiens have always had an inquisitive mind so couple that with the ability to walk upright it wasn’t long before our forefathers wanting to know what’s was on the other side of some mountain in the distance. They headed out to discover what was on the “other side” and I bet they filled a bag, full to the brim with jerky (dried meat)  before they headed out, to satisfy that needed to know “what was on the other side”? And being an adaptable lot they learned how to make a living wherever they decided to stop and say “we’ve arrived” which would lead them to settle every corner of our planet.                   Now with a track record like that why would a guy wake up one morning in 2019 and say to his mate "I think we’ve been feeding our bodies all the wrong stuff". I just read a few stories behind the headlines “Plant-Based Diet Can Fight Climate Change” and Time Magazine posted this headline “Eating Less Meat Can Help Protect the Planet from Climate Change” and there’s a documentary out in film land “What the Health” that states “it’s better to give children cigarettes than to give them meat” Now with good information like this, we need to get VEGANIZED PRONTO.                All the present day information about the evils of meat is so skewed I don’t no where to start. But I’m going to try. “Meatless Monday" has posters going into every public school in New York City saying that livestock take up 75% of the earth’s surface without any context. That’s all the dry land and some of our cows are going to be swimming to take up 75%  of our planet. This next doozy, by some anti- meat writer uses arithmetic to prove how much water a cow uses. It takes 10 bathtubs of water to provide for one cow! I don’t know how many gallons of water their are in a bathtub but let’s say 100 gallons and there are 10 tubs that will total 1,000 gallons. A cow weighing 1,000 pounds will drink about 10 gallons per day times 100 days equals 1,000 gallons. She only gets to live for a little over 3 months. So let’s do the math for one normal human life The Mayo Clinic says that 8, 8oz. glasses of water per day is reasonable. There are 128 oz. of water in a gallon and “we the people” drink 64oz. per day. So every 2 days we drink one gallon of water times 1,000 gallons = 2,000 days. WHAT we only get to live 2.739 years. What I’m trying to point out is how preposterous this whole “fake meat” vegan way of eating is. We humans are just like pigs, we're designed to eat just about anything in moderation and there in lies the real problem. It’s with our eating habits, we don’t know what moderation means as 70% of us are overweight or obese.                I’m going to keep on eating meat while all the meatless hamburgers made from soybeans are temporarily in style. This by the way is the reason for a lot of land burning and clearing going on in the Amazon rain forest. Now add in plowing the land, then planting the soybeans, then spraying the soybeans with lots of different pesticides and herbicides. Then they will get shipped all over the world using lots of diesel fuel. Then we’ll process the beans by using a lot of heat, chemicals and plastic to wrap it in, doesn’t sound healthy to me. My well managed grazing cow who uses all the acres that can’t be plowed produces nutrient dense meat full of Conjugated Linoleic acid that’s good for a person and omega threes and sixes, another fatty acid that’s good for the body and proteins that don’t make fat and sequesters CO2 back into the soil. My hope in closing is that meatless meat will go the way of margarine that was going to replace butter as the health food of the 1980s and 90s and when all the propaganda about the health benefits of margarine were debunked butter regained proper place at the table of good stuff to eat.                                       See Ya                                        Jack

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