The Honey Bee is here to stay

Mature buckwheat morphs into a red flower that can be part of a beautiful dry flower arrangement

Hi everybody I just got back from my daily trip to one part of the ranch or another checking to make sure that all the watering troughs have water as the last heat spell of summer hopefully gives up it’s choke hold on me and all the other critters that live here. Makes me run from one shady spot to the next. Anyway while being shaded up this afternoon a thought crept out of my mind and said “why don’t you write about something that will make all of us feel better ".          

This tree will bloom in the late winter and will be a good food source for our honeybee

I know that it’s not good for anybody's mental health to be constantly bombarded with the 6 o’clock evening news that takes us all, nightly, down a grizzly path and even warns us that the event that is to follow could be most disturbing about some murder or disaster or a titillating exposure of some famous persons dirty deed, knowing full well that it will want to make us watch even more.               

Well I’m going to rain on the parade of Doom and Gloom and tell you about a very healthy community that lives on our V6 ranch. Honey Bees are alive and well and have numerous hives each with 30,000 to 50,000 inhabitants. Why do I feel so confident about their survival, contrary to the 6 o’clock news that all the bees of the world are going to die from a new mysterious disease. Maybe that might be so if they all had to live in the commercial bee hives that we see parked next to a crop that needs pollinating, almond trees are a good example. But what I know to be true is that when you take any species and crowd them together many will get sick. Want to get sick? Go to a hospital, want cattle to get sick? Put them in a feedlot. Hogs in China are dying by the millions all because animals, that’s us to, don’t do well in a crowd. Will they all die? No. But in the case of our Honey Bee it’s important to know that in the wild they are doing very well.      

Honeybee gathering pollen in late August

In fact on my trip today. I stopped by a Chalk-a-wal-la Bush that right now is in full bloom. I over heard two bees talking about what a good year this has been. This one bee did most all the talking. He said “I started out this spring with lots of wild flowers sure made a lot of trips to the hive. Just when I thought I might get a little rest the Button Sage gave forth with a real nice honey flow, followed by lots of Blue Curl. That hollow tree we're living in is getting kinda crowded. Probably means some of us are going to have to move and find a new hollow tree to live in. Anyway, I’m sure our Queen will tell us all when it’s time to leave, and another thing, I’m getting fat as a tick ,I might not be able to get off this flower - just kidding but if this belly of mine gets much bigger where I can’t see my toes I might have to sign up for a stint with Weight Watchers. And this winter we have all the Manzanita trees that will be in bloom, means more to eat and more to store for a rainy day. Hey are you listening to me? I said in spite of my complaining we’ve got it awfully good.”  See ya back at the hive.          The evening news is now free to dwell on all that’s wrong with the world and I will close with in my opinion the bees in the wild in my part of the world are doing just fine. As for the bees in the little white boxes we’ve got to have them if we want to have Hershey bars with Almonds. So I say to all you Bee Keepers out there we need you to keep your bees pollinating so we can keep on eating. The rest of us can back you up with a bee friendly place for them to live just in case something goes wrong and we see you on the evening news.                                

See Ya                                 Jack

Spring is coming on with a full bouquet of flowers for the honeybee to replenish his larder

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