Webster’s New World Dictionary defines magnificence as a state of richness and splendor.  Now I don’t know what I would find if I did a Goggle search for the definition, which I don’t know how to do anyway, so I’ll just stick with what Mr. Webster has to say on the subject.

Jack, you’re not inferring that we ought to get out of the shade and into the heat and feel a little pain?  YUP, just think of all the people who toil to the top of Mount Whitney and are rewarded with a rush of endorphins and a moment of absolute elation at what they have accomplished.  Now in my case, I get the same feeling but my exuberance factor might not be quite as high as theirs.  But my daily 2 mile toil up Middle Ridge on our ranch always leaves me with my second wind to enjoy and a sense of serene contentment.

Now the guy who owns a helicopter and lands his steed atop Mount Whitney gets out looks around and says, “yep quite a view” and hurries back to his chopper and heads for home with not one extra beat of his heart, nor any sign of sweat on his brow.  The question becomes: who do you want to trade places with?

I believe we need contrasting experiences in order to know when oh my God we’re in the toilet or when we’re skipping down the sunny side of the street.  I think we all ought to climb every mountain both physical and mental.  And we can take a helicopter joy ride now and then to add a little flavor to our lives. See Ya Jack.

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