“I think I can still multi-task” popped in my head this evening as I watched some young lady on Wheel of Fortune had just won $30,000. That information entered through my Hearing Aid, while my eyes, peeking through my glasses, at the same moment caught sight of a small article about a most loathsome corporation suffering from a bad case of The Peter Principle.

The article stated that anybody or anything, no matter how big can rise to It’s level of incompetence. In my view, WalMart is now giving for all the world to see a text book definition of how The Peter Principle works. The latest edition of Barron’s Financial Weekly bold types WalMart’s Woes. WalMart, the world’s largest retail stores, cut its earnings guidance for the year after posting its seventh straight quarterly decline in U.S. store traffic. Meanwhile, JC Penney reported that sales improved for the third quarter in a row.

It wasn’t but a year ago that JC Penney was almost in a free fall and the Wall Street Vultures were salivating about how they would carve up the Penney carcass. But a new C.E.O. came on board and took the company back to basics by putting customer service first.

Well I just spent as little time as possible in our local WalMart store getting two 50 pound bags of my dog families favorite meal. I will have to give Big Wally credit for keeping my dog’s favorite meal on their shelves of course, but the kudos stop there. As I load my 100 lbs of manna into my shopping cart that has one square wheel which causes my cart to go Ka-Bumping and pulling in an annoying right direction, the main concourse is so crowded with stuff that it’s more of an obstacle course than a road to the cash register.

As I look about most all of the customers have a set to their jaw much like mine. One of,

“Lets get this trampling of my dignity over with as quickly as possible.”

Why do we put up with this abuse? I hide behind the fact that there’s always a place to park. The downtown of most cities have been gutted by WalMart, Target Ect. and the price for this deluge of Made in China goods is supposed to be cheaper.

Well, the newspaper article said that Big Wally’s store traffic has been in decline for 7 quarters. This says that some of stout heart are saying enough is enough and have moved on. One of these days I’m going to quit whining and stand with these stout hearts, put a smile on my face and go buy my underwear at J.C.Penney’s.

See Ya! Jack

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