This is about being decent


  I’ve always liked the word decent because, for me, it has so many ways that you can be “fair and kind.” But I wanted to be sure that my definition of decent and my Webster’s New World Dictionary agreed. I’m looking at page 357 in the lower left hand corner. Yup there’s my word. But much to my disappointment because dictionary’s are arranged in a very orderly fashion, I assume that the definition of a word might also be in order of importance. So number

1.-“he got a decent burial” that was nice. 2.-“not obscene” that sure says a lot about a persons “life adventures". 3.-“conforming to approved social standards” that means all you Rough Necks, Red Necks and Stick-your-neck-out Necks might possibly find yourselves living outside the circle of Political Correctness4. “adequate or decent wages” that only means something to the “eye of the beholder.” Next to last in 5th place what I thought was the real meaning of decent “fair and kind” is mowed down by a barrage of negativity. 6th place, “adequately clothed for propriety.”That does it, what a way to strangle a perfectly DECENT word. Maybe someday it will be rediscovered and then properly placed at the “top of the decent heap.”                     This has been such a letdown for me. My word that I was going to designate for somebody with a Sharpie in their pocket. That this person might write on my sack of ashes “he was a decent man”. But now I’m not so sure and I’m certainly sorry that I opened that book of enlightenment to page 357. For by a count of 5 to 1 there's more negatives than positives. So I’m thinking I would like a different word to be displayed on my sack of ashes.                       Now I don’t want to burden you my readers, but I need fresh minds  to discover another word that represents kind and fair with some humility thrown in. So if, you wouldn’t mind how about  putting your noggins to work for a moment, I know that just the right word will come to the fore. I hope it’s not whacko!!                                         See Ya                                         Jack
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