This is about being joyful

The whole universe had to be created in order for you and I to be here now. We got dropped here on a planet called Earth. I feel you and I were one among an infinite number of Leggo building block packages that Santa Claus has loaded in his sleigh at Christmas time for eons to then scatter them throughout the Cosmos.

So here we are. You and I we’ve been unceremoniously plopped down on a planet called Earth. It’s about 24,000 miles in circumference and has had life in one form or another for a few billion years. Now I don’t know what all the other life packages that Santa scattered throughout the Cosmos contained but I do know that the package you and I got, gave us the ability to make choices and the freedom to change.

What we also found in our sack of sundries was sickness and health, good and evil and a pugnacious personality that has never shied away from a fight and an almost limitless number of other Leggo building block combinations.

But there’s one combination that we have to find a better way to resolve our irresolvable times when good meets evil. It’s what I especially want to talk about today. It seems to me that an awful lot of we regular folks today, have the feeling that evil might be winning the day and our confidence is being tested like never before as our days seem to be fraught with one almost implacable situation after another as we move from Covid-19 to a never ending stream of new escape drugs and homeless people arriving at every town’s back door. Now add global warming and a changing planet with unknown consequences, new moral rules also with unknown consequences, and now a war in Ukraine. Pretty scary stuff and it should be. But I’m here to hopefully remind all of us that the side of good has a much greater arsenal of bullets to fight these wars to see if decent

can win out over indecent!

Without a doubt GOD’S LOVE is our commander in chief and now in no order of importance here are some bullets to do our talking:

Jitterbug happy, a sunny day, a rainy day, a tranquil day, adorable, admire, adulation, joyful, giving, caring, helping, kindness, passion, beauty, health, healthy, hearty, share, inventive, free to think, aesthetic, affordable, affirmative, agreeable, easy, good gracious, zany, zestful, enjoy, zing went the strings of my heart, comfortable, cheerful, gracious, kind, courteous, thoughtful, now I’m sure that each of you could add to this list so go ahead further strengthen this bulwark of words that when put into action God’s Love will always win.

See Ya


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