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I believe every living thing spends their lives living in a bell shaped curve which gives all different life forms a chance to live within the confines of the center of their bell curve, all the way out to the extremes on either side as the bottom of the bell widens out. And you’ll all notice that there’s not much space for many to live on the fringes. Why is this important you ask? Because I think we humans that live in our “bell curve world” spend way too much time worrying about the fringes of our society. I don’t have a problem with how a person chooses to lead their lives but I do take exception when they want some sort of special nebulous recognition for who they are. How about contributing by just trying to fit into the whole of society where everybody else spends their lives. End of story.

I think I’ll start with what makes a man different from a woman, a man is plumbed totally different then a woman. He has two hairy legs, he has an Adams Apple, he has facial hairs that he may shave off everyday or he might let grow as long as he wants and the hair on his head has a good chance of taking its leave by age 40. He is usually bigger and physically stronger than a woman but there are exceptions allowed by the “bell curve” boundaries. This description says that this is a man, End of story. Now for the woman she’s a little smaller, is plumbed for conceiving and having children, has a menstrual cycle every 21 to 35 days. She has a mammary system which will be both a blessing for child care but after child birth her body will never be the same but I believe the joy of raising kids far outweighs the toll to her body. She doesn’t have to shave her face but spends a lot of time shaving her legs and painting her nails, she usually keeps the hair on her head all her life and she doesn’t have an Adam’s Apple. These attributes tell me that this is a woman, end of story. Now about “sex” if there wasn’t any we all wouldn’t be here. End of story.

Because guys are bigger there must be a moral code that says to them when the woman is displaying the No Trespassing sign that means but one thing “you don’t get to enter”. It’s up to the woman to decide when the No Trespassing sign comes down. End of story.

There is no such thing as equal in this “bell shaped” world we live in, because we are all created differently, each never to be replicated again, which allows each of us to regale in our differences that grant freedom for different thoughts and actions. But what we can try to do, is to be fair and consider the needs and wants of others.

Being fair for selfish people doesn’t work for them and doesn’t work for their surroundings as it’s always “what’s in it for me first”. But selfish people pay a heavy price for this way to lead their lives as they are dependant on taking from others and the environment to satisfy there insecure feelings about themselves leaving a bad taste in the mouths of everybody around them.

Racism is much in the news today. So here’s what I think about those who practice it. They come in all sizes, shapes, sexes and colors. I think they're a vile, lazy, hateful lot that enjoy sitting in their easy chair drinking a beer while watching a 24 hour news channel and only getting up to get another beer and then to throw more incendiary words on the fires of hatred as they walk past their T.V. These slothful asses will hate to hear words like compromise, give and take and especially the word love because they don’t love themselves. God forbid if these kinds of words became commonplace and began to appear more often on our T.V’s. It might mean these hate mongers will have to look elsewhere to satisfy their contemptible ways.

Are we something special in the Cosmos? Some like to say that we are the chosen and only one, I think that’s a stretch. For me talking from my “bell curve all inclusive home” I like to say “God only knows” and what does my God do for me? He gives me confidence and teaches me about how to be a “good person” by faith.

Back to our little insignificant planet in the universe that might better mind It’s P’s. and Q’s in how we care for our home in the universe for at any moment we could be squashed unnoticed like an ant under someone’s shoe for being a wasteful housekeeper. Is it possible that Tyrannosaurus Rex thought that in his time that he was bulletproof? Well we need only to look at his distant cousin of today who we all recognize as our friend Woody Woodpecker. So I think we may not be as bulletproof as we would like to imagine we are. And we won’t fair as well as Rex did when he morphed into Woody so he could fly away from trouble then to carry his genes on into the future. This end of story will make many of you “swallow hard” that’s okay with me.

There are only two kinds of people on our planet in terms of who’s going to be happier. First there are those who blame themselves for their “lot in life”, they're the lucky ones as they get to look at themselves and if they don’t like what they see, they're in charge, so they can fix the problem if they choose. The second group didn’t fair so well as they spend their lives blaming others for the “shortcomings that they have to live with”, waiting most of the time, in vain, for the other guy to come along and take their “flat tire of life off and fix it for them”. Well it probably won’t happen. So how about taking a chance on yourself, you’ve got nothing to lose and change the tire yourself. If you do, you’ll be well on your way to a better life. End of story.

Work for me has been “no work at all” as I’ve been fortunate to do all the things that I’m passionate about. It takes about a third of a day to do “work for hire”. That’s a lot of time out of a day, especially if you're doing what you don’t like to do, but it’s far better than doing nothing at all. The solution as I see it and it’s a big one: everybody in our country has the chance to change themselves, if they choose, for a chance to lead a life where work is not a have to do but becomes a want to do. End of story.

As for today’s political climate I don’t have a clue but Teddy Roosevelt will. Teddy, would you please climb down from your Mount Rushmore Perch as we’ve got a real mess on our hands and we need your common sense and courage to steer us in a more sensible direction. I’ve got a few more end of stories but for now my brain is starting to unravel.

See Ya


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