Updated: Jul 16, 2018

Now here’s a good topic to think about. I’m sure that everything that has ever been said about love has already been said. So what can I add to the topic?

I want to talk of love in cosmic dimensions. Physics has Gravity and friction to mold a universe after the “Big Bang” My explanations might seem a little simplistic but for me it explains why love will be around as long as the Laws of Physics are around. Gravity gathers “stuff” together and after a few billion years of gathering and rubbing together “friction” to create some heat we now have a whole sky full of stars, planets, astroids and a whole lot of space junk floating around that can be hazardous to a Planet like ours.

Well I want to explain at least to myself how the Laws of Physics and Love are so interdependent for each to survive. There’s no question of who came first because without the Big Bang I wouldn’t have a planet to stand on. It also looks like more and more of the time, that Organic life will be found all over the Cosmos. Now we’re talking life and how do we keep growing and changing and not getting Wiped out. Love is the absolute necessary ingredient to make life in all its infinite sizes and shapes possible.

Like Gravity, Love gathers like minded species together for companionship, safety and if you didn’t have a group of 2 or more you couldn’t have gossip. Most living things need some external heat to keep the life fires alive. So what we the people need is some friction. For that I think of Lust. Rubbing two people together can first bring forth some laughter then some snuggles and a kiss or two then  we could stop and build a fire probably not, more likely we will make love which also guaranties  another generation to carry on and hopefully they might be a little more kindly, carrying and peace like and less war like.

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