Where has all the middle gone?

Zealots both left and right we need you

You shit disturbers of the status quo who call our attention to inequities of many colors You killers of complacency We find you everywhere You litter the halls of Congress with your chants of “my way or the highway.” We find you tied to trees to stop the gardener from tending our forest while 4,000,000 acres are laid to waste.

Championing the wild horse until there numbers exterminate our grasslands and he is but hide and bones, or with Bull Horn in hand exhorting his crowds to hate.

Your excess knows no bounds You find religious honor a chanting bomb of hypocrisy but don’t find it in yourselves And still we need you.

Are you what causes the pendulum of humanity to make its swings from decency and then passing through tranquility to decadence Are you the ones that champion equal because you can measure success or failure with charts and graphs The idea of fairness is circumspect, for to measure success or failure with feelings is open to discussion, a place where zealots fear to tread. The peace and quiet of reality holds no place for zealots who need tumult to satisfy their definition of relevance Nature you zealot you we need your brand of common sense that makes sense out of chaos Nature we need complexity to quiet the storms that brew in the single minded hearts of zealots.

See Ya,


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