Will Rogers We Need You

Dear Will, 

We need you now, please show yourself to your kinfolk who are dwelling now in your old stomping grounds the United States of America. Will, we’re so busy snarling at each other nowadays  I think we’ve forgotten how to smile. What do you think? If we start by having Congress change the way they open their doors for business each day. I don’t know the protocol that they use now, but for me it’s not working very well. I believe the speaker of the house should open with a prayer to the All Mighty for some guidance. Then he or she will follow with a joke and then the speaker will ask everyone in the room to smile at one another. Have you noticed Will, I can’t put my thoughts together without using the word Will. But it gives me a comfortable feeling that your helping me to find words that heal. 

                 Will, I know that your most famous quote came at a time when the people of our country were struggling with the Great Depression of the 1930’s and there was a lot of doubt as to whether our country could survive and you said “I never met a man I didn’t like” and then you followed with humor as a way to rebuild trust in one another. Will, I don’t know if this thought came from you but I’m going to give you the credit. Please, Thank You and Humor are “the grease that allow people to move in close proximity to each other with the least amount of friction” 

                  Well I guess that’s about it Will. My hope is that the Will Rogers that lives in every Burg in our U.S.A. will  kindly step forward now, with a joke and a smile. 

                           See Ya 


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