What happens without thought?

At this very moment oxygen is rushing into my lungs allowing me to do some thinking about what the future holds for “we the people”.

Well I’m breathing freely right now, before I and the rest of my fellow humans do somethings really over the top stupid that would send us down the same trail that the dinosaurs used. But first to be fair, their obliteration wasn’t their fault scientist say, it was more likely a big meteorite that “rained on their parade” and they all froze to death when a following cloud of dust and debris shaded our planet Earth for a few years from the sun’s warming rays. So what’s different this time? It’s that we have the capacity to do it to ourselves. We don’t have to wait for the next meteor that’s headed in our direction “this time we get to choose our fate”.

Not too long ago, I told all my friends of a conversation I had with God who came to visit all dressed up in human clothes worn by one of my favorite comedians of times past by the name of George Burns. So I asked God, Genuine, Giving and Everlasting and he said “that’s a real mouthful wouldn’t you say”. It sure is God, you don’t mind if I just use your first name?. "No, that’s fine with me, I think, sometimes that when you folks practice my teachings you get all caught up in minutia and miss the broader meaning of what I’m saying, in other words don’t take me so seriously. I’m really a nice guy if you’ll let me and you’ll probably learn more". Thanks for that, but I must tell you that we need some more help, it seems to me the messes we keep making in my view just get messier. God then said “I’ll get started on this matter right now. I’m going to call a meeting of all your supposed smartest and wisest and I’m going to put Mother Nature in charge to keep some level of “common sense” in the proceedings and my hope that what will come from this gathering are solutions that are at the very least plausible and the best ones are “I wish I had thought of that”. Your meeting will start tomorrow at 9am and I will make sure that Mother Nature is there and you will bring all your finest and smartest with just a smattering of Doctors degrees from all walks of life".

Mother Nature has just entered the room and takes any place at this very large circular table so that everybody is at the same level of importance except Nature. Nature rises to her feet and says “I’m going to lay out the ground rules for this meeting and start with my opening statement. God called me last night and said I want you to lead a gathering on planet Earth as those folks just seem to go from one mess to another and right now a great many of them are looking down at their toes saying “ain’t it awful” instead of looking up and saying “you never yell WHOA in a bad place” So I asked him why me lord? Because you know better than anybody how we all got started here and what’s the lowest common denominator to get all these “toe lookers” back on track.

In case you don’t know me or don’t believe in me, my name is Mother Nature so listen up as I’m going to spell it out very clearly and concisely so there will be no misunderstandings of what you will all need to do, to survive. Let’s start with the next 3 minutes, for without the “stuff” and the “stuff “ is Oxygen. In about 3 to 4 minutes you will start dropping like flies to end your stay on Earth. I know you think you just breathe it in and exhale it out knowing there will always be plenty, and besides it’s my right. Well, no it’s not always been here and you may think you have a right to it ,but you don’t, because there was a time when there was none. But after a few billion years plus or minus, our planet became “user friendly” and some little critters evolved with some green stuff inside of them called Chlorophyll that can take sunlight to provide the energy for a chemical reaction called Photosynthesis. This chemical process is absolutely necessary because if we don’t have it we’re all dead. This process that provides food to eat for almost all living things and a convenient by-product of this reaction is Oxygen.

So the question that I pose is this. How do we keep this process called Photosynthesis alive and well? I will leave you with some obvious clues and how you might keep life on Earth going. First it has to have green Chlorophyll as part of the solution and I see that that has already polarized one to say “if it’s green that’s getting into politics. I’m leaving this table and your “fake news”. Nature says “that was easy, anybody else want to deny Photosynthesis exists? However the question still remains “how do we keep on breathing for a very long time? And another part of the problem that must be answered is how do we keep from constantly polluting our lands and oceans. You’ve got to find better ways than the continued use of herbicide and pesticides that are just poisons that kill those pesky weeds and insects quickly and you more slowly. Your throw away society that leaves mostly plastic waste on every square foot of our planet that takes millennia to decompose, then the zealots those single minded people who I believe have good intentions but will bring down the roof on their heads before a compromise or “God forbid”, admit that they are wrong when proven and still they continue to stand in the way of progress for the majority. What will work is freedom to think without any kind of restraints and the word “can’t” that many times keeps success from ever getting out of the starting gate is not in your vocabulary. I guess there is one time when you could use “can’t” that being, when you decide to challenge Gravity’s Law that what goes up, must come down and you jump off a 500 foot cliff and think that you will escape unscathed then you’ll be another part of the problem. Lastly goodness out weighs badness and love will outlast hate. I think that’s worth saving.

So I now put the ball in your court to find solutions that absolutely must keep photosynthesis alive. That’s your assignment for today. I hope someday if I come back, because you are not the only planet in the Cosmos that might have a problem. But if I do, I hope I will see a bright blue ball from afar and as I get closer it will turn into a verdant green planet called Earth that got her done.”

See Ya


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