If you want to brush your teeth you have to just start

Lately I’ve been waking up early, like 4am and just thinking, some people call it noodling. Well this morning of 1/16/202I it got me to thinking about the meaning of “something and nothing” and how I got here. I know that my life started with a gleam in my parents eyes and 9 months later I arrived on the scene. Now I’m going to fast forward 85 years of reading and writing and living and I’ve come up with my theory on the definition of Something from Nothing.

I’ll start by saying it’s just like brushing your teeth, you just start. But I need somebody to just start for me and that will be God. He’s the guy to begin the process of creating something from nothing. Sorry ladies if you're offended by God being a guy, so when you write about creation as you see it, go ahead and have a female named as author. So back to getting started, God was the guy who lit the match about 13 billion years ago and that was the start of something. I imagine it was like being at a kids birthday party and Gods there and blows up a balloon until it pops. We now call “The Big Bang”. It scatters stuff in all 360 degrees of direction. So in one moment there was only nothing. No time, no light, no life, nothing and in the next millisecond there was the makings of a Cosmos. There was time, there was gravity, there was friction, there was change and there was something that I will call Star Stuff. This Early Cosmos was quite a hectic place to live in, kind of like building on fire causing everybody to be “pushing and shoving” then escaping out the doors in all directions.

The folks that study Physics tell me that right after the Big Bang that all the makings of Star Stuff was leaving faster than the speed of light but as our Cosmos has matured or gotten older, I’m lead to believe that our Cosmos is now expanding at the leisurely rate of 186,000 miles per second which gives we humans the ability to measure distances and time which leads me into the next part of something from nothing. That’s age which I hope would not happen to me but as our Cosmos expands and is getting older I guess I have to tag along. So, here’s my theory, take it or leave it but I’m sticking to it “until I change my mind”. You know all the stuff that the Big Bang produced and threw in every direction and is still expanding today, will one day start to slow and then stop it’s expansion and die. Then the miracle life will be put to work using gravity to gather back up every last ounce of Star Stuff because “matter once created can’t be destroyed only changed and it will all be put back in it’s little box waiting for God to light the fuse for the next “Big Bang”. I guess if the Cosmos can die and be reborn so can I.

So I will always be something and if I have enjoyed my “something times” and for the most part been loving and giving then that’s what I get to take with me waiting for my next Big Bang. I’m good with that.

See Ya


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