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The Yokut Room

  • King Sized bed

  • Stone shower

  • mural

The Yokut Room pays homage to the Tachi Yokut tribe who once called this valley home and named it, Cholame, “the beautiful one”.

Our valley was once home to a thriving community of Yokut Native Americans, of the Tachi tribe. They gave this valley the name Cholame (pronounced “show-LAM”) meaning “the beautiful one”. The Yokut were made up of 40-50 tribes throughout central California, each with its own territory and dialect of the language. It is believed that there were as many as 70,000 Yokut in the 1770s, a number which had tragically fallen to just 600 by 1910.

Designed and built by John, Barbara & Brinan Varian, Steve Kalar, and Ian Reeder Thompson.